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everyone:are you okay
everyone:you look tired
everyone:you look upset
everyone:you look confused
everyone:are you mad at me
everyone:what happened to you
everyone:are you sick

I fucked up last night..

and I can’t wear long sleeves at work, fuck. 

'What happened to your arm?”

i dragged a razor along my skin about 6 times

"oh… just a small accident doing some arts and crafts"

and on top of that i’ve been pulling my hair a lot more than usual recently. ugh. just fucking great. So now i have to worry about always wearing a beanie to cover my self inflicted balding scalp every time I go out now.

Cuts i can deal with they fade over time; but hair, it takes fucking forever to grow back and when it does it looks fucking weird because I’ll have like a huge patch of small hairs all astray and not knowing where to go on the back of my head and its just embarrassing. 

I just want to buy like a good wig and then just shave my whole head.

Gosh, I’m pathetic.